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My lack of all things technology related…

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I have a little confession to make…I am a bona fide technological idiot.  Yea, that’s me alright.

Scary you say coming from someone sitting here writing a blog at that. Well I have to admit to you (since we are being honest and sharing here)…I had HELP setting this whole thing up. Okay, okay…. someone else did it for me completely,  my 25 yr old son to be exact. I know, it’s pretty sad when my ‘kid’ knows more than I do (but isn’t that the way the world works anyway). I just never got into the ‘movement’.

My cell phone is not the latest gadget. In fact if it was, I would be helpless and it would be useless. As long as it rings and I push one of the two buttons that I understand (green means go, red stop)  and I can hear the person on the other end, all is fine. No ‘apps’ for me…I can’t e-mail, text or do any of the 100 other things cell phones are now capable of doing.

My computer skills are limited to turning it on and off and if anything out of the ordinary should happen in between, well, there goes my whole darn day. I have learned how to operate my e-mail, search the internet and make a document or two, but that is the extent of my ‘computer skills’.  And of course, now i am learning the ins and outs of creating and running this blog.

As for the whole big screen, cable, dvr mess we have set up in the living room. Forget it.  I guess that probably explains why i am never allowed to hold the remote

But I can tell you I understand the microwave and the toaster so I guess all is not lost….at least we won’t go hungry in the process.

How about you…? Have you mastered all the latest ‘gadgets’ out there ? What have you decided you can just live without and gave up trying to learn ?


Written by getawaygoastray

May 17, 2010 at 6:19 pm