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the story of Nibbons & Qumar

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This is the story of my 2 shelter cats, Nibbons & Qumar. Quite a couple of names, yes…? Well that’s not their REAL names, although in actuality, it is. What? You,  my reader are really confused now i am sure. Let me back up.

The year was 2006. I had just lost my beloved 18 year old best feline friend and had sworn off ever loving again.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, however one chooses to look at it I found I was ready and NEEDING to love again after only a few short months. The truth of the matter was i NEEDED fur in my life. I missed the sound of the pitter-patter of little paws running across the floor. I missed the furry mass that would hop up into my lap and cuddle usually at the most inconvenient opportunities and the wet slimy nose rubbing against my own at 4am because that just sounded like a great time for b-fast to him. Yes, it was time to bring some more sunshine into my life.

I started by checking the local shelter internet sites. I wanted an adult cat, i knew that. I wanted to give them a chance for a great place to live out the rest of their life. Everyone wants kittens…who will take the grown-ups?
I will. But after continually looking locally I was just not finding the right connection. So i reached farther and farther, to the tune of 3 hrs away, and i found HER! A beautiful adult cat 6 yrs old that had been given to the shelter when her owner had to be placed in a nursing home. Perfect!

After much persuading to Dave, “Why on earth do we need to drive 3 hrs one way to get a CAT” he persisted. “What is wrong with the cats that live in this town”?…”No, no, this is the ONE….” i stood my ground. So one saturday afternoon Dave and I loaded into the car and set off to get my ‘new baby’.

3 hours later we where there. And as we pulled into the parking lot my heart swelled with joy. In a short time i would be walking out of the place with my new ‘adoptee’ ready to spoil and pamper her to a degree that she had never seen before up to this point.

Into the shelter we go. The director leads us to the catroom and THERE SHE IS… yes, she’s a real beauty, perched up top a kitty tree her regal heiness looking down upon all the less fortunate cat souls around her. I slowly approached her talking softly and calling her name as the director and Dave observe from afar. Then I reached my hand out to give her a soft gentle stroke and tell her everything was going to be ok now. Well,  in all her assumed gratitude she stood, arched her back, hissed and promptly bit me on the wrist.
WOW….i recoiled and grabbed my throbbing wound. And this was a nice soft gentle cat just wishing to be loved… yea, right! I would love to see what they considered to be their ‘troubled’ cats, or maybe i wouldn’t.

Now some might be thinking about now that maybe she just didn’t LIKE me, but i will have you know that in all of my years i have been bitten by, oh– say, ZERO animals. Animals DON’T bite me, period! I can’t explain it. I like to tell people that it is because me being a vegan they know that no matter how hungry i get…i would never eat THEM!

By now i am sad and depressed. It looks as if i won’t be taking anyone home today and it’s going to be another night of a quiet empty house. Dave is also sad and depressed. He just drove 3 hours under total duress and we have no cat. What’s next…? Where will the next one be…10 hours away.?

The director is telling me that this has never happened and i am half listening at this point, too wrapped up in my own grief to care. Then she suggests we go to the kitten room. “Kitten Room” Dave repeats happily. “But i don’t WANT a KITTEN!” i wail. “Please just look” dave pleads back. So the next thing i know i am following the director and Dave down a long hall into a room full of cages of kittens. They are crying and scrambling to get our attention. Great, now i want them ALL.

We peruse up and down the room peering into the cages watching the kittens tumbling over one another to get to the front of the line. I am so confused, and saddened at the same time. So many kitties, so little homes.

And then, then i see him. A little grey tabby cat sitting in the corner of the cage, his brother happily playing by himself with a toy at the other end. And he looks at me. No, he looks into me. And that is it, it’s over, he wins.

All the while this is going on Dave has wandered to the end of the room and the next thing i know he is back beside me with the most adorable black tuxedo kitten i have ever seen. The cat is ‘draped’ over his wrist and just lying there like a limp little rag. He completely melts my heart. Well great, now we have 2 kitties that i can’t leave without. “I want this one” Dave announces….”and i want this one” i shoot back. The director pipes up and says “get both” to which Dave’s beaming face quickly turns to a quiet look of panic. “Both, oh no way” he says. And suddenly he finds himself outnumbered by two women explaining to him how TWO are better than ONE. And somehow that day i convince him that to be true, (which it is…i wasn’t lying to get my way, ok, maybe a LITTLE bit).

Well i won that battle and the next thing you know we are walking out with Nibbons & Qumar. How on earth did they get those names i asked the director to which she replied, “Unfortunately when you see the sheer number of animals that come through these doors needing names we have to start digging deep to come up with something, some days we do better than others”.

So that is how Nibbons & Qumar came to be honorary members of my household. It was touch and go in the beginning as their own beginnings were less than desireable. Nibbons, my shy grey tabby has been renamed to Harley as it was appropriate at the time, listening to his purr was like the sound of a rumbling harley motorcycle. Poor Harley, he came to be at the shelter after someone put him in a bag, tied it up and threw it in the trash. Thankfully someone walking by heard his screams and rescued him before it was too late. He was 3 months old when we adopted.

Qumar my black tuxedo was born at the shelter, he has appropriately been named Baxter, because, well he just acts like a Baxter. He is wired most of the time and keeps us in stitches. I have even caught Harley shaking his head at times.  Baxter was just 2 months old when he joined our little family.  

And here they are, the real Harley & Baxter…..

So if you need some love in your life consider a shelter kitty.  There are so many needing good homes.  Do you have any pets in your life and how did they come to be members of your family?


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